Moscatel comes from the Denominacion de Origen Protegida Valencia region. The climate in the region is strongly influenced by the warm Mediterranean weather. The vineyards in the region grow on a clayey surface and bask in hours of sunshine.


Gran Castillo Moscatel is a medium-sweet white wine. It’s bright yellow with a light shade of green. The wine is available in a 75 cl bottle.

Tasting notes

The character of the wine is truly intense and complex. Its flavour bouquet is full and fresh with a beautifully balanced finish. The wine’s aroma is dominated by various tropical fruits and gooseberry.

Serving suggestions

Gran Castillo Moscatel is perfect with various salads, fish, pasta, paella, seafood, white meat, spicy food and cheese. The wine can also be served as a delicious aperitif.

Alcohol content11,5 Serving suggestion6-8° Grape variety100% Moscatel Vintage2021